Perma-Vault PRO-2217K Through The Wall/Door Depository Safe

Product Description

  • PRO-2217K Through The Wall/Door Depository Safe
  • Dual custody safe deposit lock,
  • Optional dial combination lock available.
  • Chute opening for easy insertion of cash and checks without unlocking.
  • Heavy gauge steel construction.
  • Four pre-drilled holes on the bottom permits bolting an mounting to any structurally sound surface.
  • Class B rate type construction.
  • The chute is designed as part of safe and cannot be removed. Extends from (18" up to 34")
  • Interim protection for cash, checks and deposits.
  • Large door opening.
  • Optional chute cover available
  • Relocking device.
  • Large capacity chute opening. (2.5" x 10.125)
  • Chute Extends 15"
  • Affordable protection
  • Outside Dimensions: 17” X 12” X 12”
  • Weight 70 Lbs