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-Even a great thief is no match for a good safe.-

Lock it up in a safe and keep it safe!

If you ask a veteran police officer what's most likely to stop a thief from getting away with your valuables, he will tell you to lock them up. We safeguard your valuables by providing a convenient online source for purchasing top quality security products. Earning your business and serving your needs is our goal.

Our large selection of electronic keyless locks, garage door remotes, and safes of all types provide home and business owners with secure storage and added peace of mind. Our selection of floor safes, wall safes, retail drop safes, Gun Safes and fire safes offer security for valuables and a reduced chance of loss by theft.

We provide residential and commercial customers with a trusted online source for top quality safes and security products.

Our entire inventory of products is available for secure online purchase with convenient and fast delivery direct to your home, job site or business.

Safeguard your home. Safeguard your business.
We offer convenient online access to electronic keyless locks, wall safes, floor safes, drop safes, Gun Safes, Fire Safes, and garage remotes. For more information on a particular product category, click on the category name.

Wall safes � convenient and space saving. For cash, jewelry and paper items, our wall safes become your favorite hidden gem. Our selection of wall safes offers homeowners, builders and contractor's quality and value.

Floor safes are hidden yet accessible. When it's in the floor only you know where it is. Floor safes are a popular choice for valuable documents, money and other safekeeping. Floor safes are installed in concrete and offer superior fire protection.

Drop safes � the retailer's safeguard. Our Drop safes and depository safes help keep cash tucked safely away during a busy day or night in business. Restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and other retailers appreciate the added security our products allow.

Gun Safes - are great for keepings guns out of the hands of children and strangers. Our Gun Safes are a popular choice for guns, documents, money and other safekeeping. Gun Safes are bolted to concrete or wood floors for superior burglary and fire protection.

Fire Safes - great for storing documents, important paper work, Passports, family pictures and all important paper items. Our Fire Safes are available in 1 hour fire protection and 2 hour fire protection. Fire Safes are great for personal and business use.

-A good safe is a good investment.-