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Mesa MRX1000E Double Door Pharmacy Safe

Mesa MRX1000E Double Door Pharmacy Safe
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Mesa MRX1000E Double Door Pharmacy Safe

Product Description

  • All Steel Construction
  • Body constructed of 11 Gauge steel
  • High strength adjustable & removable shelving
  • 7 Shelves
  • SecuRam® Advanced electronic lock. Protected by drill-resistant hardplate.
  • Low battery warning, Concealed emergency key system ,Wrong code penalty,Easily change your personal code,Lock activated by drill-resistant hard plate & punch-activated relocking system,2 User codes available,Battery Operated [9V Battery Included]
  • Heavy-duty deadbar prevents door removal during forced entry attempt.
  • Tamper-proof hinges for added security. Also provides easy & smooth door operations
  • Seven ¾" diameter solid steel live locking bolts
  • 10 Pre-drilled anchor holes provided to secure safe to the floor.
  • Dimensions:
  • Outside: 60.00" H x 32.00" W x 16.00" D
  • Inside: 59.75" H x 31.75" W x 12.50" D
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 18
  • Weight: 345.00
  • Free Shipping includes Curb Side Service

  • Never has it become more important for pharmacies to secure expensive and vital medications. Locking up and protecting your inventory of controlled substances is imperative to your business, employees and patients. With the street demand for these medications at an all time high and newly integrated laws regarding the accessibility of these drugs, it is necessary to have a secure, locking unit guarding your pharmeceutical supply.

  • Mesa's MRX Series Pharmacy Safes offer a formidable defense barrier against unauthorized access with an 11-gauge steel heavy-duty body and a door held by commercial-grade tamper-proof hinges. The interior has adjustable, removeable shelving for storage convenience. All safe models come standard with live-locking steel bolts and the lock protected by a drill-resistant hardplate and punch-activated relocking system. For additional security, secure your safe to the floor, counter or wall with the pre-drilled anchor holes.

  • The double door MRX1000E is perfect for pharmacies and healthcare establishments requiring large capacity storage. With the advanced electronic lock, a designated manager can control access by employees with the ability to limit, designate, and track user access to the unit.

  • With the MRX Series Pharmacy Safes, you can be assured your customer's prescriptions and medications will remain safe and secure. Ideal for both big and small pharmacies, veterinary hospitals or most medical facility.

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