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Hayman BR-5930 BlueRidge Gun & Rifle Safe

Hayman BR-5930 BlueRidge Gun & Rifle Safe
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Hayman BR-5930 BlueRidge Gun & Rifle Safe

Product Description

  • 11 gauge steel construction
  • ¼" solid steel door
  • 3 fireboards throughout the interior
  • 90 min @ 1200 fire protection
  • Spring loaded re-lock system
  • 1½" Three way active boltwork + deadlocking hinge bolts
  • 1¼" Dead locking hinge side bolts
  • Clutch driven boltwork
  • 4 bottom anchor holes
  • Heat activated door seal
  • The NEW BR-5930 BlueRidge by Hayman Safe Gun & Rifle Safe is a top-of-the-line gun safe with numerous excellent features. The steel is a full quarter inch thick "The door has a robust steel plate with heavy-duty hinges that allow it to swing freely.
  • A continuous sheet of 11 gauge steel is bent, folded, and curved to create a more stronger welded steel metal for the body. Drill restive hard plate and spring loaded re-lockers are two further security measures. There are a total of (10) 1-1/2 "All four sides of the door are secured by diameter bolts, with active bolts on the top, bottom, and leading edge. Dead bolts secure the hinge side, making it impenetrable to prying eyes.
  • Underwriters Laboratory has given the Hayman BR-5930 BlueRidge Gun & Rifle Safe the Residential Security Container Rating for all of the above security features (UL RSC). It also provides certified fire protection for 90 minutes. 1.5" of fire board is used in three layers to protect the body and door.
  • The Hayman BR-5930 includes a UL-approved Type 1 Digital Electronic Lock as standard equipment. For an extra fee, a dial lock can be applied.
  • The Hayman BR-5930 BlueRidge's interior is equally as good as its security and fire protection. Long guns can be stored on one side of the interior with shelf storage, or both sides can be readily changed to store long weapons. Without scopes, this safe can comfortably house 22 rifles. Auto on LED lighting, 110VAC & USB power connections, mirrored back for visibility, luxury fabric interior, and a door organizer are all standard features that most other gun safe businesses charge extra for.
  • Outside HxWxD - 59 x 30 x 24
  • Inside HxWxD - 55 x 26¼ x 17
  • Weight: 664 lbs
  • 14.2 cu ft. Gun capacity - 22

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