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HPC DL 65X Digital Key Cabinet

HPC DL 65X Digital Key Cabinet
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Product Description

  • HPC's Digital KeKab® series utilizes an electronic lock to provide a unique combination of convenience and security. The Digital KeKab® has many intelligent features.
  • There are 4 levels of access including the Master Code, Sub-Master Code, User Code and Technician Code. Any of these codes can be instantly reprogrammed. Each level can set, change or delete the lower levels.
  • The Digital Lock requires no wiring or central processors. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries. The lock is very energy-efficient; fresh batteries will power 15,000 openings. A low-battery indicator warns when the batteries’ power is low, and contact points around the LEDs allow access of an external battery in the event of battery failure.
  • For added security, if the handle is not turned within 4 seconds of entering a correct code, the lock reverts to the “locked” mode. Also, the lockout feature disables the lock for 10 seconds after 3 incorrect codes are entered.
  • The Digital Lock comes set to the default multi-user mode where there is 1 code number at each level. For special applications, the lock can be programmed to a Single Use mode in which the User Code will lock and unlock the cabinet until the next 4-digit code is entered. The Single Use mode allows the door to remain latched, but not locked. In this mode the Technician Code will unlock the cabinet.
  • White key tags with bright nickel plated snap-hooks
  • Tags are numbered, each holds multiple keys
  • Durable steel key racks, slotted to store key tags uniformly
  • "Out Key" Control Tags made of yellow paper
  • Numbered key control booklet for lock location data
  • Sand color finish
  • Heavy gauge steel construction, piano hinged doors
  • Dimensions 17H” X 13W” 3 1/4D”
  • Weight 10 Lbs

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